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HowTo: Change eyechips on your Blythe

Very easy, and hopefully helpful!

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HowTo: Blythe Makeup – Faceup using Soft Pastels

I’ll be doing more of the makeup/faceup tutorials in Spring/Summer. It’s winter right now in Melbourne, so getting bright sunny days that are not accompanied by gale force winds are rare, and they are needed to use Mister Super Clear (MSC) for spray matting between colour applications. […]

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HowTo: Body Swap – Pure Neemo on a Blythe

Swapping out the body isn’t too difficult. Once you have mastered head opening (see the Sleep Eyes Tutorial), you can do anything! You’ll need the Body, Blythe Head, Nail Clippers, Elastic Bands. In Person workshops are held in Melbourne. If you wish to attend, please get in […]

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HowTo: Lip Carving Basics

A new week, a new video tutorial for you! This is my method of Lip Carving. There is no right or wrong way to lip carve. The only advice is be patient, practice often, and don’t be scared of trying something new.

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